Message to our friends and fans : 

Ouch. That was painful. Two months of whining and begging fans, friends and strangers to help kickstart the Joe & the Junkyard Dogs record. What was I thinking? 

The thing is... so many folks did actually jump on board and help out, and I am truly humbled. My good pal Mike Regimbal took the first shot and soon we were off to the races. A few high rollers kicked in some serious coin and really helped to make this a solid thing. Many people came through for us near the end of the campaign, especially a few 'off the books' backers.

Five grand is what we ended up with. Half of what we need. Not enough to get past the recording itself. But fuck it. I'm flying over to Sweden anyway and we're making this sucker. I'll figure out how to pay for manufacturing later. 

I have been listening to some fantastic records over the last 12 months. Jason Isbell, Steve Earle, JD McPherson, James McMurtry, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Chuck E. Weiss, Mavis Staples, Rick Holmstrom, Sturgill Simpson, Paul Reddick and an old Mickey Baker disc I found at a yard sale, to name a few. All great sounding recordings, all filled with great songwriting and playing. I haven't been this inspired in years. 

And finally getting to record with my favourite band is a dream come true. They really are a great little rockin' combo. Gothenburg is filled to the brim with some of the most talented players in Europe and I've been lucky enough to have a few agree to sit in on our sessions as guests.

So, it's going to be 18 days of great friends and great music making. Rockin' good news all the way. See ya on the flip side ....


Thanks to everyone who made a contribution to
Joe's INDIEGOGO record funding project.
More info about the new release soon.


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